Crisis Response

In times of crisis – whether in Israel, the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world – The Fellowship is there, on the ground providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable Jewish communities we serve. Learn how The Fellowship has efficiently and effectively delivered aid to people when they need it most through our extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers.

Woman holding her baby while standing next to an elderly Jewish woman.

Ukraine Crisis

When war erupted in Ukraine in 2022, The Fellowship was prepared. We continue to deliver essential aid like food and medication…

Yael Branovsky (IFCJ Staff) delivering IFCJ emergency package to elderly man.

Coronavirus Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, it raised unprecedented challenges and difficulties throughout the entire world. The Fellowship acted immediately…

Three soldiers in uniform at the Gaza outpost.

Israel Crisis

Israelis are all too familiar with the threats posed by war and terrorism. But, thankfully, they know that when terror strikes – as well as during natural disasters like forest fires – The Fellowship will be there…

Israeli soldiers, Gaza

Hostages Rescued from Gaza Arrive Home

Stand for Israel  |  February 12, 2024
Israeli troops rescued two hostages from a building surrounded by terrorists in Gaza.
farm, farm land

Meet the Christian Entrepreneur Becoming a Voice for War-Hit Israeli Farmers

Stand for Israel  |  February 9, 2024
One Christian woman, Kari Warberg Block, is raising funds in support of Israel’s farmers and desert innovations in the aftermath of the Hamas attacks.
Hezbollah, northern border, IDF, attack

Officer Wounded, 2 Troops Hurt in Hezbollah Attack

Stand for Israel  |  February 8, 2024
The terrorist group Hezbollah fired a missile at an IDF base in the north.
soldier, Gaza, Hamas war

IDF Finds a Dozen Hostage Cages in Gaza Tunnels

Stand for Israel  |  February 7, 2024
We now learn that Hamas was using Israeli hostages as human shields against IDF attacks.
elderly, food box, war, Hamas

Helping Maya Through Wartime

The Fellowship  |  February 6, 2024
We helped Maya before the war in Israel and will continue to help her for the rest of her life.
Hamas, hostages, teddy bear

Code Words to Represent Captivity 

Stand for Israel  |  February 6, 2024
Father of Emily Hand says his nine-year-old daughter can communicate about her experience as a hostage by using code words for the terrorists.
elderly, blanket, winter aid, winter warmth

Project Spotlight: Winter Warmth

The Fellowship  |  February 5, 2024
During our Winter Warmth efforts in Israel this year, our hope is to deliver aid to nearly 26,000 households in Israel.
Israeli reserve soldiers, military drill, northern Israel

Netanyahu Says IDF Has Destroyed 75% of Hamas Battalions in Gaza

Stand for Israel  |  February 5, 2024
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the IDF will not stop until Israel has won the battle over Hamas.
armored vehicle, fortified vehicle, Fellowship, security, northern border, north

The Fellowship Secures 9 Armored Vehicles for Border Communities

Stand for Israel  |  February 2, 2024
With a potential for the situation on Israel’s northern border to escalate, these armored vehicles will help defend the Holy Land.
terror attack, Hamas attack, Israeli flag, kibbutz

Protecting Younger Sister in Captivity

Stand for Israel  |  February 1, 2024
Dafna, 15, speaks out about poor conditions in captivity in Gaza with her 8-year-old sister, and how she watched over her younger sister the entire time.
funeral, Israeli soldier, fallen hero, IDF, battlefield, Gaza, war

Family Finds Comfort in Jewish Mourning Practice

Stand for Israel  |  January 31, 2024
While Sgt. First Class Cedrick Garin’s family isn’t Jewish, they took reassurance in participating in the Jewish tradition of shiva.
survivor, Holocaust, October 7, elderly, aid, winter assistance

Survivors of Holocaust and October 7 Speak Out

The Fellowship  |  January 31, 2024
First, they survived the Holocaust, and then they were forced to endure the attacks on October 7.

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