Magen David Adom Is Israel

Uri Shacham, chief of staff for Magen David Adom emergency and ambulance service in Israel

“In Israel, we actually say, ‘Magen David Adom is Israel.’”

This is what Uri Shacham—chief of staff for Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency services—recently told The Fellowship when he sat down to discuss his organization’s history, from the earliest days of Israel until October 7th and the difficult days since.

Founded 94 years ago in 1930, in the wake of anti-Semitic riots against the pre-state Jewish population of the Holy Land, Magen David Adom has fulfilled its mission of preparedness and compassion for the people of Israel ever since.

And when Hamas terrorists overran southern Israel on October 7th, killing 1,200 and wounded thousands more, Magen David Adom emergency personnel and ambulance crews were prepared for the unthinkable, rushing into harm’s way to rescue those in need and putting their own lives at-risk, some even making the greatest sacrifice.

Listen to this conversation with Uri Shacham, chief of staff for Israel’s national emergency service, about how Magen David Adom has served Israel for more than nine decades, and continues to serve Israel’s people in their time of need.

Episode Notes:

Formed in 1930, in the wake of Palestinian violence and riots against the Holy Land’s Jewish population, Magen David Adom was in place for the creation of the modern state of Israel in 1948—and has continued serving Israel and all of her people in the 94 years since.

Hebrew for “Red Shield of David,” but more commonly known as the “Red Star of David,” Magen David Adom (MDA) is recognized by the International Red Cross as the national aid society of Israel. With its fleet of 1,400 ambulances, 3,000 staff members, and 30,000 volunteers, MDA is prepared for any emergency or circumstance which might occur—necessary because of the numerous threats and challenges Israel faces on a daily basis.

And on October 7th, 2023, when Hamas terrorists overran southern Israel, killing 1,200 and wounding many thousands more, MDA crews were prepared… and leapt into action. In this conversation with The Fellowship, MDA chief of staff Uri Shacham shares both the history of MDA and its pivotal role—saving lives, even at the expense of its crews own lives—on that dark day.

The people of Israel are strong and resilient, but the love and support of their friends around the world provides even more strength—especially as they face ongoing war and violence—allowing them to be prepared and compassionate to all who need their help.

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