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On Wings of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles assists needy Jews in making aliyah (immigrating to Israel). They come from all over the world — Russia, Argentina, India, Muslim countries, and elsewhere — to escape anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, and to realize the dream of living in their biblical homeland. When they arrive in Israel, On Wings of Eagles provides them with klitah (resettlement) assistance to help them become full, productive citizens. Through your generous gift, The Fellowship's Wings ministry is being used to help fulfill the prophecies that promise to gather the Jewish exiles "from the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12)…  Read more.


Aliyah Day in October

October 4, 2018

Israel now observes Aliyah Day, a new national holiday celebrating immigration and the many contributions that olim (immigrants) have made to strengthen the Jewish state.

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