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Yael visits Edna with $25 Food Box distribution for Passover

Passover Approaching

It is a tragic reality that impoverished and elderly Jews like Edna cannot afford basic food staples every day, let alone the essential items needed to observe Passover. Right now, we’re preparing to rush special Food Blessings to help these precious Jewish souls, but there is much to be done before this biblical holiday begins! Your contribution today will help provide the essential food items and provisions needed for a struggling Jewish person to faithfully and joyfully observe this Passover.

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Yael’s Holy Land Reflections

For Such a Time as This

March 20, 2019

As Jews around the world celebrate the holiday of Purim this week — a holiday commemorating the events in the Book of Esther — Yael writes that the message of Purim...

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Rabbi Eckstein's Legacy

In Loving Memory

Rabbi Eckstein's life was a testament to a simple fact: once someone has been touched by God, amazing things can happen.

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Elderly woman, purple headscarf, gray coat

Be a Godsend

Bless an impoverished family or elderly Holocaust Survivor with nourishing food staples and the special items needed to observe Passover.

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