Alleviating Poverty

We answer the biblical call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide shelter to the poor (Isaiah 58:7) through on-the-ground, lifesaving care, food, and support for impoverished Jews, elderly, and Holocaust survivors.

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Relying on Faith and The Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  December 8, 2023
Faina relies on her faith, her community in Israel, and The Fellowship during times of darkness.
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You Make a Difference for Emma

The Fellowship  |  November 20, 2023
Emma lives in one of the heavily bombarded areas of southern Israel and relies on The Fellowship for emergency essentials.
elderly, Israel, Ashkelon, South, Terror, bombs, food deliveries

Getting Through This Difficult Time

The Fellowship  |  November 13, 2023
Dalia, who cannot walk on her own, finds strength from Fellowship friends around the world during wartime in Israel.
food, elderly, crisis, Netivot, Gaza Strip border

You Are Keeping Her Alive

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023
You are saving Victoria by providing emergency essentials—lifesaving food deliveries—to her in Israel's time of desperate need.
Varvara, blind Holocaust survivor, receives aid from The Fellowship in Ukraine

You Bring Her Light and Happiness

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023
For nearly 90 years, Varvara has endured so much—orphaned during the Holocaust and now blind in the middle of a war zone—but you bring her hope and help.
Moisey, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ukraine receives emergency aid from The Fellowship

Grateful to The Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  October 9, 2023
“We were all stunned when the crisis began. No one expected this to happen.” That’s what 89-year-old Moisey tells Fellowship volunteers who visit him...

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