Wartime Food Deliveries

The Fellowship  |  December 27, 2023

food box, IFCJ, wartime
(Photo: Guy Yechiely)

Yosef and Ruth live in the Holy Land and have been married for 60 years. And for Yosef, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor, this is the second time he’s faced war firsthand.

Yosef was born in Ukraine and was just 4 years old when World War II started. His family fled to escape the Nazis just a few days before they invaded, and his family spent the war years in Kazakhstan.

During the war, the family barely survived. Yosef’s father was fighting on the front lines and his mother was left alone to take care of the children and their elderly grandmother. Yosef remembers the feeling of need and hunger. They didn’t have any warm clothes to wear during the cold winter.

After the war, Yosef dreamed of making aliyah (immigrating to Israel). His dream came true in the early 1990s and he is at last in his biblical homeland.

But today, he relies on The Fellowship for survival. Because of our help, he tells us he is no longer ashamed to go to the supermarket. He manages to buy the food that he and his wife need.

Now, because of this war in Israel, Yosef and his wife have stayed in their apartment, so our food deliveries are all the more important and lifesaving. Because of the love of friends like you, Yosef and Ruth are cared for during this crisis.

Your gift today will save lives and provide emergency essentials to those in need during this crisis.