In Summer, As in Winter – it’s a Matter of Life and Death

The Fellowship  |  July 15, 2019

israel heat statistics infographic

The Fellowship helps Jewish people in need – particularly the elderly – find lifesaving relief from the cold throughout the frigid winter months. But did you know that the summer is just as dangerous? We explored Israel heat statistics and the findings are shocking.

A recent heatwave in the Holy Land showed the perils of extreme heat to Israel’s most vulnerable people. Israel saw near-record temperatures, with the thermometer hitting 122 degrees on the southern shores of the Dead Sea. At least 140 people were treated by emergency first responders for heat-related symptoms. Israel heat statistics include a 2016 heatwave, when nearly 400 people were treated for heat-related illnesses.

Elderly are at greatest risk. Since their bodies are less able to properly regulate their temperature, they are 12-13 times more likely to suffer heatstroke. Elderly deaths increase about 28 percent during heatwaves, and one study showed that elderly who live alone are at 40 percent greater risk for heat-related death.

Thankfully, The Fellowship is committed not just to providing for Israelis’ basic, day-to-day needs, but also for their emergency needs in extreme conditions.

During the recent heatwave, when temperatures skyrocketed to 104 degrees in some parts of the county, Israel’s Health Ministry urged the public – especially elderly people and those who suffer from chronic illnesses – to protect themselves. The Fellowship responded immediately, distributing fans and water to our With Dignity and Fellowship recipients.

This is a matter of life and death. We’re committed to supporting and protecting Israel’s most vulnerable people when they are threatened by extreme conditions – extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Learn how you can help those threatened by the extreme heat this summer in Israel.

Orange infographic explaining the number of deaths in Israel due to heat stroke.

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