Freedom Flights Boarding Soon

The Fellowship  |  February 10, 2020

Rabbi Eckstein disembarks from an airplane that saved Israeli families

It’s been one year since God called Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein home. In 1984, Yael Eckstein’s abba (father), Rabbi Eckstein, witnessed a covert operation to bring more than ten thousand Ethiopian Jews to the Holy Land. As these precious Jews fell to their knees and kissed their promised land, his vision for the On Wings of Eagles ministry was born. He knew more Jews needed help getting home.

Just a few years later, this holy vision became a reality — thanks to friends like you. Since then, The Fellowship has rescued more than 750,000 Jews from the “four corners of the earth.”

This prophetic ministry was so important to Rabbi Eckstein, he ensured that it could live on without him. It’s fitting that during his funeral, a Freedom Flight safely touched down in Tel Aviv and provided hope to hundreds of new olim (immigrants).

God is working prophetic miracles right this moment and using us as his messengers. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein began this holy work and we must continue it.

Especially during these dark days, Ukrainian Jews are being targeted with anti-Semitic hatred and violence which is only intensifying as time goes on. We need to get them out.

We dedicated a flight recently to Rabbi Eckstein’s memory, as our way of recommitting ourselves to the prophetic legacy he created. This freedom flight brought Jews facing persecution in Ukraine to their home in the Holy Land. Please join us to help make the next prophetic Freedom Flight possible.

It costs $350 to rescue a Jewish person in desperate need with a flight to freedom, and $175 to help each one with basic needs and ongoing support to ensure they become productive citizens of Israel.

You can help a Jewish person escape danger and make aliyah — immigrate to the Holy Land — fulfilling the biblical prophecy that God will “gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12 KJV).

Will you renew your commitment to this holy work? Your gift can honor Rabbi Eckstein in a powerful way. Together, we can continue his God-given legacy and bring home to vulnerable and suffering Jews in Ukraine and around the world.

The mission is alive, and God is calling us to continue it.”

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