Two Israelis Killed in Ashkelon, 400 Rockets Strike Israel

Stand for Israel  |  May 11, 2021

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Terrorists in Gaza continue to rain terror down on Israel and her people, and now the hundreds of rockets launched so far have claimed two lives. The Jerusalem Post reports on the 400 rockets that have struck Israel, and the two women from Ashkelon killed in the ongoing attacks:

Two Israeli women were killed in Ashkelon on Tuesday as barrages of rockets struck the southern city and the IDF continued to target Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist sites throughout the Gaza Strip.

One woman killed was in her 60s and the other in her 80s.

The Israelis were killed when rockets slammed into their homes in Ashkelon. Minutes later the IDF reported that it had killed two top Islamic Jihad commanders responsible for rocket fire in Gaza…

Please continue to pray for Israel, for the families of those killed in the attacks, and for those who have been wounded.

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