There Is a Duty of Those Who Watch Hamas Footage

Stand for Israel  |  November 22, 2023

fallen soldier, funeral, Hamas, grave, kibbutz be'eri, Jerusalem
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

We told you about the event in D.C. last week where attendees watched a video of Hamas’ attacks on October 7. And while it might seem unimaginable to watch back footage of one of the darkest days in Israel’s history, the event had an important purpose. Townhall reports that while many attendees said it was difficult to watch, one positive was that it brought about strong determination to help and support Israel—and to never forget the horrible atrocities that took place that day.

The attendees included The Fellowship’s own chairman Bishop Paul Lanier and Pastor Carolos Ortiz, the Church Director of The Fellowship, who shared with Townhall their thoughts:

Bishop Paul Lanier, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IFCJ, gave a particularly powerful prayer as part of his remarks beforehand to prepare viewers for the footage of “unspeakable horror.” As difficult as it may be to watch such footage, though, Bishop Lanier prayed “we choose, we believe, the precious men, women, and children who suffered and paid the price deserve us to linger, look, and listen,” despite such footage containing “what no man, no woman should see” though viewers “step into this insanity for the sake of redemption.” …

Townhall also spoke with Pastor Carlos Ortiz, the Church Director of the IFCJ, after the screening about the purpose of showing such footage. “This footage was shown so we can be witness of not only the atrocities and the heinous crimes that this terrorist organization, Hamas, perpetrated against Israel, but so we can also gather as much information possible, so we can go back and speak to our communities about the need, the urgent need for us to support Israel and the Jewish people.”