The Untold Captivity Story of Noa Argamani

Stand for Israel  |  June 18, 2024

The site of the Re'im music festival massacre, in southern Israel, June 9, 2024.
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

After the brave IDF hostage rescue mission in Gaza, four more hostages returned home recently and 26-year-old Noa Argamani is one of them. She was reunited with family, including her mother who is terminally ill with cancer.

We’re learning more about the details of her captivity now that she’s free. Reports tell us she did not get to shower regularly, had to wear women’s Arab clothing to go outside, and was held captive among civilians in a Palestinian home.

We also learn from the The Jerusalem Post that Noa escaped death four times in captivity:

Rescued hostage Noa Argamani managed to avoid death four times during her kidnapping and while she was detained in Gaza captivity, according to a Channel 13 report from Saturday…

It was also reported that Argamani said that during her captivity, she moved between several apartments and was not kept in tunnels.

She stated that she was rarely allowed to go out and breathe fresh air. On the rare occasions that she was given the opportunity,  she was allowed to go out disguised as an Arab woman. She was also allowed to shower, but this did not happen many times during the time she was held captive by the terrorist organization Hamas.