Rose Schindler Keeps Sharing her Holocaust Story

The Fellowship  |  October 28, 2019

Rose Schindler keeps telling students about her Holocaust story. Read about her tireless efforts to educate America's youth.

Even though she’s nearing 90, Rose Schindler keeps telling students about her Holocaust story reports the San Diego Union Tribune:

Hers is a horror that needs no introduction, not now. Not 75 years later. Everybody knows the Holocaust.

Don’t they?

“You’d be surprised,” Rose Schindler said.

For four decades, she has been one of San Diego’s most dedicated memory-keepers, sharing her first-person account of Nazi atrocities with anyone who wants to hear it. Schools, churches, service clubs. For free. Nearly 90, she would seem to have earned the right to slow down. Or had that circumstance forced upon her by physical ailments …

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