Songs of Survival – PBS Special Puts Holocaust Survivors’ Stories to Music

Stand for Israel  |  March 14, 2022

Children liberated from Auschwitz after Holocaust

Those who stand for the Jewish state and the Jewish people have vowed to “Never Forget” the Holocaust – the dark chapter in the history of God’s children that took 6 million Jewish lives. And so Stand for Israel was excited to learn – via Algemeiner’s Shiryn Ghermezian – of a new PBS special, We Remember: Songs of Survivors, that puts the stories of those who survived to music:

PBS will premiere next month a one-hour special about four Holocaust survivors who collaborated with songwriters to turn their personal stories of survival during World War II into original songs.

“We Remember: Songs of Survivors” airs on April 26, two days before Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. The documentary highlights four singer-songwriters in New York’s Hudson Valley who are asked to create pieces of music about the experiences of four local Holocaust survivors…

“Many documentaries exist about the Holocaust. However, few have taken such a unique approach to telling these horrific stories. We wanted to shed light on the devastating experiences of Holocaust survivors while celebrating the possibilities of healing through the power of music,” said Tim Miller, co-producer of the PBS special. “Little did we know this film, with its powerful message, would change the lives of both the survivors and songwriters…”

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