Photo Friday: On the Seashore

Stand for Israel  |  August 11, 2023

Two boys at the seashore in Nahariya, Israel, 1951
(Photo: Benno Rothenberg/Meitar Collection/National Library of Israel/The Pritzker Family National Photography Collection/CC BY 4.0)

“Yet the Israelites will be like the sand on the seashore, which cannot be measured or counted. In the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘children of the living God.’” (Hosea 1:10)

In this photo taken during the summer of 1951, these two Israeli boys are enjoying a day at the beach in the still young modern Jewish state, “children of the living God” in the land He promised them. Shabbat shalom, friends.

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