Photo Friday: Nahalal, Together with Their Pasturelands

Stand for Israel  |  September 4, 2020

Aerial view of Israeli moshav, Nahalal
Aerial view of Israeli moshav, Nahalal

This beautiful area shot shows a very special community in the Holy Land. Nahalal, mentioned in the Bible in both Joshua and Judges as a Levitical city, came back to life in modern times. The first moshav in then-mandate Palestine, new olim (immigrants) founded Nahalal in 1921.

As you can see, its layout adds a unique beauty to the Israeli countryside. Joshua writes of “Nahalal, together with their pasturelands” (Joshua 21:35). In the Bible, the tribe of Zebulun called it home. And in modern times, these Israelis you might know lived there: Moshe Dayan, Hannah Szenes, and Ilan Ramon.

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