Einstein Museum in Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  October 24, 2022

Albert Einstein and David Ben-Gurion
(Photo: GPO)

The world knows of the genius and contributions to science and knowledge of Albert Einstein (the famed scientist was even born on March 14, 1879 – Pi Day to those who love math). But perhaps not everyone knows of Einstein’s connections to the Jewish state.

Many of Einstein’s developments continue to help Israeli science – from Israel’s defense capabilities to their space program. Einstein also helped found Hebrew University. He felt the institution would represent a commitment to Jewish identity, and even bequeathed his treasured papers to the school upon his death.

Now, our friends at i24News in Israel report that a new museum is set to open in the Holy City of Jerusalem – a museum celebrating the life and genius of this brilliant Jewish mind:

Israel on Sunday approved funding for the establishment of a museum dedicated to Albert Einstein to be built in Jerusalem.

The museum will showcase the research and discoveries of the Jewish physicist known for his theory of general relativity among other achievements…

The country’s previous prime minister and current Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett enthusiastically announced the government’s approval of the museum on his Twitter account.

“We’re going to build The Albert Einstein Museum in Jerusalem! A few hours ago the government of Israel approved building a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to Einstein. All his original papers, archives, the original note where he wrote E=mc^2!” Bennett wrote.

“Einstein was not only one of the smartest humans in history; he was also a proud Jew,” Bennett continued. 

“What a wonderful moment for the State of Israel and for all people who seek wisdom.”

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