Prayers Answered at the Western Wall

The Fellowship  |  July 6, 2021

Ethiopian olim at Western Wall where they bring prayers
(Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv)

Even when the world shut down during the global pandemic, God answered His people’s prayers. Even when all seemed hopeless for the neediest of His children, God answered prayers.

In 2020, even with the world on hold during the coronavirus outbreak, Fellowship friends still saved lives and fulfilled biblical prophecy by bringing more than 500 Ethiopian Jews from the lost tribe of Dan home to the Holy Land aboard Fellowship Freedom Flights.

And this year, many of those new Israelis came to the Western Wall with Yael to give thanks to God for the lifesaving help He provided – because of Fellowship friends around the world.

And now, we at The Fellowship would like to invite YOU to bring your prayers to the Western Wall. Because of your faithful friendship, it would be our privilege to take your requests and burdens to our loving God at the holiest spot in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Just as He answered the prayers of His children who longed to come home to the land He promised them, God will answer your prayers, as well.

Share your prayer request here so that we can carry it to God at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.