American IDF Soldier Fights for Truth on College Campuses

Stand for Israel  |  July 9, 2024

Israeli soldiers, Israel-Gaza border, southern Israel, Israeli flag
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Fighting as a reservist in the war against Hamas, Sam Fried was proud to return to Israel and serve in the same combat unit where he originally completed his IDF service. Now back in the U.S. after his unit was released, he’s defending Israel in a different way, writes Rebecca Szlechter at The Jerusalem Postby opening up conversations of truth and support for the Jewish people on U.S. college campuses:

 “I came back to an America I didn’t recognize.” He felt that before the October 7 war, before he went back to the IDF, there had been immense sympathy toward Israel.

Yearning for a level of fulfillment upon his return, Sam explained that although he had been on the physical battlefield, the ideological one was equally as important. “It was incumbent upon me to make it my prerogative to defend Israel, the Jewish people, and humanity itself in every single way I could.”

Going back to his job in finance, he picked up a side of joining this “ideological battle.” He began going to debates, visiting encampments, and trying to engage in dialogue.

“My three foundational pillars are empowering Jews, having peaceful dialogue, and showing people I’m a human- who cares.”