The Fellowship Launches Passover Welfare Drive for Those in Need

The Fellowship  |  April 3, 2023

Group of IFCJ volunteers behind branded food boxes holding food in the air.
(Photo: Mishel Amzaleg)

Passover begins this week! But many Jewish people in Israel and across the globe are unable to afford the simple goods needed to observe this important biblical holiday. JNS reports on The Fellowship’s Passover distribution that will help more than 250,000 people in Israel:

In the days leading up to Wednesday night’s seder, IFCJ will provide for 17,305 food packages for delivery to homes, alongside an additional 20,580 meals that will be cooked and served in facilities tending to those in need.

As part of the Passover initiative, IFCJ will also distribute:

  • 17,000 “Dream Card” vouchers worth 200 shekels ($56) towards clothing shopping for children in welfare daycare centers.
  • 14,500 “Tav Hazahav” cards worth 500 shekels ($140) each towards food purchases of families on welfare.
  • 1,000 food vouchers worth 500 shekels each to be distributed via non-profit organizations assisting families.
  • 11,000 food vouchers worth 500 shekels each for lone soldiers.
  • 2,500 food vouchers worth 250 shekels ($70) each, distributed via the IDF to families of soldiers who are part of the National Food Security Initiative.
  • 1,700 food packages worth 250 shekels each distributed by the Yad B’Yad organization.
  • 150,000 shekels ($52,000) worth of food provided through cooperation with Leket, doubling the amount of aid for needy families.

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