Rock of Israel

The Fellowship  |  July 25, 2022

Lately, we’ve told you about the Ethiopian Jews who are fleeing their war-torn country to arrive in their biblical and historic homeland, Israel. CBN News’ Jerusalem Dateline is the latest Fellowship friend to feature the Tzur Israel (Rock of Israel) program that is changing thousands of lives:

It’s called Tzur Israel – the Rock of Israel – an exciting and ongoing effort to help thousands of Ethiopians join their Jewish families in Israel. While this fulfills prophecy, unfortunately, others are being left behind indefinitely…

The Jewish Agency partners with Christian organizations like CBN to help resettle the immigrants once they arrive, and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) that chartered the Aliyah flight to Israel.

IFCJ, CEO, Yael Eckstein visited Gondar to accompany the flight back to Israel.

“I feel the words of the prophets coming to life that 2000 years ago, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, they saw this. There was a united Israel with all of the tribes in Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed and the tribes were dispersed, and these prophets said, don’t lose faith. They’ll be reunited,” Eckstein told CBN News.

Eckstein says her organization helps to bring around 5000 Jews home to Israel each year.

“And I think of my grandfather, who’s a Holocaust survivor from Germany, escaping the Nazis, his family in a concentration camp in Auschwitz killed, and he opens up the Bible and says, ‘One day the Jews will go home to Israel. One day, the lost tribes will be found. One day Jews all over the world will be reunited on the shoulders of the Gentiles, that it will be Christians who will make this happen,” Eckstein said. (Isaiah 49:22; Isaiah 60:8-12)…