Project Spotlight: Yad B’Yad Passover Food Box Distribution

The Fellowship  |  March 31, 2021

Yad B'Yad Passover Food Distribution

As part of The Fellowship’s Passover outreach, we are distributing 5,000 food boxes in partnership with the Yad B’Yad organization. Without our assistance, these people would not be able to celebrate Passover with the foods needed for the seder meal. In fact, this holy season would just be a continuation of the ongoing struggle with hunger and poverty.

Early in the morning, Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein arrived to meet the people waiting in line and distribute some food boxes. As she entered the large warehouse, people were already lined up outside — many of them younger than in years past due to the financial insecurity brought on by the pandemic. The recipients included mothers with their children, olim (immigrants) from Ethiopia and the FSU, and elderly Holocaust survivors.

Volunteers filled the boxes with meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, matzah, and other food items for the holiday. As the people reached the end of the line with their boxes, volunteers helped them carry the heavy boxes outside. Volunteers then drove them home.

The Fellowship has been distributing food boxes through Yad B’Yad for years. Every year it seems the lines get longer and the people more desperate for our help. Yad B’Yad, which means “hand in hand,” helps the most desperate citizens of Israel. Without Yad B’Yad, supported by funds from The Fellowship, so many would go hungry.

There’s Still Time to Help

Passover is here and it’s not too late to help vulnerable Jewish people during this sacred time. Your monthly gift today will help provide food, medicine, and shelter to someone in desperate need. When you give a gift this Passover season, you become the hands and feet of God, providing for the neediest among His people. Join us in helping these precious souls with your best gift today.