Project Spotlight: Passover Preparations in the Holy Land

The Fellowship  |  April 12, 2022

Group of people stand behind a conveyer belt packing food boxes at Mifal HaHesed soup kitchen
(Photo: Israel Yosef)

Our Passover preparations in Israel have started! The Fellowship is making sure the needy in Israel have food this year for Passover so it can truly be a celebration. In preparation for the holiday, which begins sundown on Friday, Fellowship volunteers have been packing Passover food boxes at a Fellowship-supported soup kitchen in Sderot. Then, volunteers will make home deliveries to Holocaust survivors, elderly, and families in need this Passover. These boxes contain the necessary foods to celebrate the Passover seder meal, as well as foods to fill their pantries. This is so they won’t go hungry this holiday.

Join us in saving lives this Passover!

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