Project Spotlight: Fellowship Food Box Deliveries

The Fellowship  |  October 6, 2020

Yael Eckstein packing IFCJ food boxes in a pantry.

Lev Chash soup kitchen in Haifa is one of the locations in Israel that distributes Fellowship food boxes to those in need. During the COVID-19 crisis The Fellowship has had almost double the amount of people calling us in desperate need for food. One of the biggest problems is the people who were used to going to our soup kitchens can no longer get there. During this current lockdown in Israel, elderly cannot leave their homes, so Fellowship food box deliveries have become a lifeline. We are so happy to tell them that this food comes from Christians in America who love the Jewish people. It’s not only the food that warms their hearts, it’s the knowledge that they are not alone! This past Rosh Hashanah we delivered 389 meals and 245 food packages. Thank you for being a part of our ministry and serving so many vulnerable people during this health crisis.

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