Something Powerful, Something Profound

The Fellowship  |  November 15, 2022

Bishop Paul Lanier
(Photo: IFCJ)

Bishop Paul Lanier, The Fellowship’s Chairman of the Board, shares about his Fellowship trip to Korea and the powerful and holy work he is witnessing there.

You would expect that being part of a ministry with a name like the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews that you are a growing global presence in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Israel for The Fellowship and Yael asked if I would be willing to travel to Asia. Of course I said yes.

I landed just days ago and arrived at the hotel here in Seoul, Korea. And I can tell you that these are some of the most extraordinary people you could ever meet. They have been such a powerful prayer presence and taught us much about the fervency of fasting. So the opportunity to travel here and meet these wonderful believers is such an honor.

During this trip we’ll meet the Pastor of the world’s largest church, with hundreds of thousands of members. We’re going to meet the Israeli ambassador to Korea. We’re going to travel to Prayer Mountain, and that’s a whole other glorious story in and of itself and I won’t even try to get into it now – but I’ll tell you about it later.

I want you to know that God is using you profoundly in the world. More and more people are learning of the miracle of this Fellowship.

Do me a favor, agree with me now that God is going to use this trip in profound ways. He’s going to touch people’s lives and all of us together, to teach us increasingly how we can be used by heaven in the earth for Israel through this Fellowship.

And then pray. Pray for me, pray for The Fellowship, and that God’s going to birth and sustain something powerful here in Korea. That together we are going to declare the great God of Zion and the ministry of helping, ministering, saving Jewish lives and blessing Israel.

Thank you my dear friends. I’ll be in touch.

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