Faces of The Fellowship: Holocaust Survivor Katerina Is Blessed by You

The Fellowship  |  January 13, 2021

Holocaust survivor Katerina 2021

Today, at 96 years old, Katerina is the only Jewish woman and Holocaust survivor living in her Ukrainian town. The Holocaust took so many precious Jewish lives there. Many of her friends and family were lost forever. She was sixteen when the Nazis invaded, but American forces bombed the Nazis, rescuing her and her immediate family from certain death. Americans saved Katerina for the very first time.

After the war, Katerina went to the fields and did backbreaking labor to survive. Soon after that, she had her first son. Mother and son barely had any food to eat, but something miraculous happened once more — American soldiers rescued her again, delivering food, a blanket, and milk for her son.

Today, you, our faithful supporters, are the Americans who are rescuing and sustaining this precious Holocaust survivor. “Now I know why God has kept me alive – so that I could be saved by Americans once more!” Katerina says.

The sight of a box from The Fellowship filled with fresh food delighted her. A simple carton of eggs made her laugh with joy. This winter season, Katerina knows of your love. And that even though you’ve never met, kind Christians will help her eat and survive. Thank you!

Give Hope to Holocaust Survivors

Thousands of frail Holocaust survivors live in dire poverty like Katerina, and almost all are completely alone and unable to care for themselves.

This winter season, you can save the life of an elderly and lonely Holocaust survivor like Katerina.