Emmaus Trail and Christian Sites in Israel Ready for Pilgrims

The Fellowship  |  June 4, 2021

Emmaus Trail

As Israel prepares to open up following the coronavirus crisis, a new trail will have special appeal to Christian visitors. Surrounded by olive trees, almond trees, and wildflowers, you can walk along the Emmaus Trail. And experience the rich biblical and historical sites the Holy Land has to offer!

The Jerusalem Post tells us more:

According to Christian tradition, Jesus and his disciples did a lot of walking. Now pilgrims who want to walk in Jesus’s footsteps can do so on a new trail called the Emmaus Trail, which could be the road that Cleopas and another disciple walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus after the death of Jesus…

Pilgrims can walk … from the Saxum Visitor Center in Abu Ghosh, which has exhibits on Christianity, and ends at the monastery of Emmaus Nicopolis. The whole walk will take five to six hours.