Blessing Yehudit

The Fellowship  |  June 30, 2022

Yael Eckstein blessing Yehudit, an elderly woman in Israel, with a food delivery

This is Yehudit. This sweet 85-year-old woman who lives near the Holy City of Jerusalem spent her life as a schoolteacher, bringing smiles and wisdom and blessings to the children of Israel. When Yael visited her recently, Yehudit’s own smile flickered across her face, the kind of loving smile that must have lit up classrooms for decades.

Confined to her small apartment and a life of great pain, Yehudit often finds it difficult to smile. She can barely walk, even with the help of her walker, and cannot leave her home. Her hearing has also gone, leaving her nearly deaf. And osteoporosis has left this sweet soul nearly crippled, her hands and legs in constant pain and unable to function as they once did.

But when Yael visited — and when our Fellowship volunteers regularly stop by — Yehudit’s face once again lit up with joy. To most, the delivery of hot food and a social visit might not seem like much. But to Yehudit, they are life-changing, and lifesaving, blessings.

Yes, YOU have blessed this precious child of God with your gift. Todah rabah — Thank you!