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On Wings of Eagles

adult woman crying, wearing a black beanie and looking off camera

The Gift of Rescue and New Life

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, The Fellowship has rescued and given new life to Jewish people who otherwise would be facing deep-rooted anti-Semitism and...

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, waving hand in air, deplaning airplane, mother, and infant young girl in overalls

Freedom Flights Boarding Soon

You can help bring an endangered Jewish person home to Israel on the next Freedom Flight.

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Elderly woman crying, holding hands to face, brown head scarf wrap

Helping Lives at Risk Make Aliyah

You can rescue an endangered Jewish person from the "four corners of the earth" and bring them to Israel on the next Freedom Flight through your gift today! 

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Ethiopian women hugging at airport in Israel after making Aliyah

25 Years of Prophetic Rescue

Thanks to committed global partners and friends who care, The Fellowship has rescued more than 750,000 Jewish people over the past 25 years through On Wings of Eagles Freedom...

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A Double Blessing in Aliyah

When they boarded that initial flight in Kiev, we did not know Vladimir would soon be facing a life-threatening medical condition. But thanks to expert care in their new home of Netanya, Israel,...

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Elderly woman in a wheelchair holding Israeli flag, wearing a green towel, arriving off a freedom flight

Help Get Them Home

Our Jewish brothers and sisters are in CRISIS. Homes and businesses are being vandalized, and areas of eastern Ukraine are burned to the ground. Elderly Holocaust survivors are being threatened...

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A Dream Come True in Israel

Lous and her two children — ages 7 and 12 — immigrated to Israel four months ago from Colombia, where they lived in fear and danger. Nearly everyone in this single mother's town was anti-Semitic,...

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Answered Prayers in the Holy Land

Avitch, 58, was a farmer in a small village in Ethiopia, but he and his wife longed to move to Israel. So they moved to Gondar with their children and applied to move to the Holy Land. While there,...

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Forced to Choose Between Prejudice or Poverty

Four-year-old Angelina, her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were forced to flee their native Ukraine due to growing anti-Semitism. They settled in a small impoverished town in...

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A member of the lost tribe of Manasseh returns home

Ovadiah is a member of the Bnei Menashe, descendants of one of Israel's "lost tribes" living in rural India. From the time he was a little boy, his parents taught him about his Jewish heritage,...

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Help David and His Family Escape the Nightmare of Anti-Semitism

Tens of thousands of needy Jews – the remnants of Israel – are living with the nightmare of anti-Semitism all over the world. David, a father of five, is trapped in the anti-Jewish hatred there.

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Can a Prophetic Return Prevent Another Holocaust?

The same deadly anti-Semitism that led the Nazis to cruelly exterminate 6 million Jews is growing stronger and spreading even farther today. Unquestionably, now is the time to save more Jewish...

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