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Let’s Make Chocolate Tahini Cake!

Tahini is a popular Israeli spread made out of crushed sesame seeds. Try this recipe brought to you by Molly Yeh and The Jewish Week that combines nutty tahini with chocolate to make delicious mini cakes!

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Rabbi’s Commentary

Hopeful in the Face of Hatred

January 19, 2017

A planned neo-Nazi march in Montana this past weekend was a reminder that blatant anti-Semitism is still alive today. And it reminds us all, as people who believe in the same God of peace and love, that we must join together to fight hatred and injustice.

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Yael’s Corner
Yael from FB Live, January 17, 2017

The Future of US-Israel Relations

January 18, 2017

From near the biblical city of Nazareth, Yael discusses the Holy Land’s past, Israel’s thriving present, and the hope the future brings for the bond between the Jewish state and the U.S.

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