Orphans, Children and Families

Thousands of Jewish orphans and children in Israel and the former Soviet Union live in poverty. Some are orphaned, some are homeless. We are called through Scripture to donate to orphans, and “to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe them” (Isaiah 58:7). Learn how to help orphans, children and families in need with your best gift today.

In Israel, more than 800,000 children live in poverty and needs are largely left unmet due to Israel focus on increase defense spending to protect these same children from terrorism and war. Our Guardians of Israel ministry addresses the critical needs of impoverished children and orphans in Israel by providing food, medicine, and clothes.

In the former Soviet Union there are thousands of orphaned Jewish children living under the worst conditions imaginable and many others suffer from debilitating poverty. Our Isaiah 58 ministry helps provide safe places to live and essentials like food and medicine to orphans and the poorest of the poor children in the former Soviet Union.

Guardians of Israel

As Rockets Fell

Children in southern Israel hiding in safe rooms and bomb shelters reading psalms as rockets were falling. Hundreds of terrorist rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. This battle Israel is fighting is biblical.

Desperate Mother Calls Passover Food Box “a miracle”

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His Heartbreaking First Words

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Relying on Faith

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