Stand for Israel

Stand for Israel aims to engage people both spiritually and politically on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, by encouraging them to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6) and providing them with the facts they need to advocate for the Jewish state and fight anti-Israel bias in the media. Our mission is to translate love and commitment for Israel and the Jewish people into action. There are many things that each of us can do on a regular basis express our support and to take a stand to support Israel and her people to make a tangible difference.

Maya, an elderly Jewish survivor in the FSU who was once an actress

The Actress

This High Holy Days season, you can provide life-giving food and lifesaving aid to precious Jewish elderly like Maya.
Elderly Jewish woman holds pomegranates in her hands from High Holy Days food box

The Doll Maker’s Hands

This High Holy Days season, your love has been hope-giving and lifesaving for this precious elderly Jewish woman who’s given so much.
Light and joy in face of Holocaust survivor in FSU holding pomegranates for High Holy Days

You Light Up Her Life

This High Holy Days season, Fellowship friends bring nourishment and encouragement to elderly Holocaust survivors like Lydia.
Betya, an elderly Holocaust survivor from Ukraine who has found faith and hope in Israel

Keeping Her Faith

After surviving the Holocaust and leaving Ukraine for Israel, Betya finds hope and faith from her friends at The Fellowship.
Yael Eckstein and Bronya smile

Seeing Bronya Smile

Someone who was hurting and alone now has a smile on her face because of the love of Fellowship friends around the world.
Nina, an elderly Jewish widow living in rural Ukraine

Meeting Nina's Needs

This Jewish widow survived WWII, and now depends on help from Fellowship friends as she finds herself living through war once again.

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