Stand for Israel

Stand for Israel aims to engage people both spiritually and politically on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, by encouraging them to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6) and providing them with the facts they need to advocate for the Jewish state and fight anti-Israel bias in the media. Our mission is to translate love and commitment for Israel and the Jewish people into action. There are many things that each of us can do on a regular basis express our support and to take a stand to support Israel and her people to make a tangible difference.

Lydia, an elderly Jewish woman in southern Israel, receives a holiday food box from The Fellowship

A Special Holiday

This elderly Jewish woman has never asked for help during a life of hardship, but you have become her helping hand these High Holy Days.
Natalya, a Holocaust survivor in Israel, receives a Fellowship food box for the High Holy Days

A High Holy Days Miracle

This Holocaust survivor living in Israel knows she can depend on The Fellowship - during the High Holy Days and all year round.
A High Holy Days food box from The Fellowship provides light to this Holocaust survivor

Life During Dark and Difficult Times

Despite surviving a life that has been difficult and often without hope, this Holocaust survivor has found High Holy Days help through The Fellowship.
Jasmina, an elderly Holocaust survivor from Ukraine, receives holiday food box from The Fellowship

A Real Holiday

This precious Holocaust survivor has experienced miracles throughout her life, including holiday help from The Fellowship.
Faina, an elderly Holocaust survivor in Israel, receives a High Holy Days food box from The Fellowship

'Thank God There Is The Fellowship'

This Holocaust survivor receives lifesaving help from The Fellowship for the High Holy Days
Holocaust survivor receives food from The Fellowship. Sderot, Israel.

You Mean the World to Her

Despite a life of hardship, this Holocaust survivor has faith because of the love and care of Fellowship friends around the world.

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