Guardians of Israel

The Guardians of Israel ministry eases the suffering of needy people in Israel, providing them with food, housing, medical care, clothing, and other essentials. At the same time, it comforts and provides for the future of those whose lives have been devastated by terror, funds war relief and rebuilding efforts, and addresses a host of other emergency needs for people who have nowhere else to turn. Just as the Guardian of Israel “neither sleeps nor slumbers,” The Fellowship will continue to support God’s people through ongoing care and emergency relief thanks to friends like you.

Guardians of Israel

A Man of Faith

As Yael honors her father, carrying on his legacy into the next 36 years, you can further the mission that he dedicated his life to, helping Christians and Jews fulfill their biblical mandate to bless Israel and her people.

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Celebrating Jerusalem Day

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Providing Comfort to the Brave Defenders of Israel

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Other Programs

Isaiah 58

Helping Jewish poor in the former Soviet Union

The Fellowship's Isaiah 58 program provides food, medical care, housing and other basic assistance to poor Jews in the former Soviet Union, and finances a network of safe children's homes throughout the area.

On Wings of Eagles

Helping Jews immigrate to Israel

On Wings of Eagles assists needy Jews in making aliyah (immigrating to Israel). They come from all over the world — Russia, Argentina, India, Muslim countries and elsewhere — to escape anti-Semitism and extreme poverty...

Stand for Israel

Mobilizing Christian support for Israel

Stand for Israel aims to engage people both spiritually and politically on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, by encouraging them to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" and providing them with the facts...

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