‘Thank You for Remembering Me’

The Fellowship  |  January 29, 2024

Fellowship staff, food box, winter assistance, elderly, poverty, war in Israel
(Photo: Mishel Amzaleg)

Mira’s life was miraculously saved twice.

The first time was when she was just a one-year-old during World War II, when her mother managed to escape with baby Mira from the death march to Babi Yar in Ukraine.

Her mother and baby Mira were on the run, managing to board one of the freight trains. But for days, there was nothing to eat. Finally, they made it to the Urals to live during the war. But Mira says, “I only remember the constant feeling of hunger and cold from those years. My childhood was taken from me, but at least I stayed alive. I think we survived thanks to our faith in God.”

And she attributes her life being saved a second time to her faith in God as well. Now living in the Holy Land, Mira was in her home on October 8, 2023, when it was hit by a missile fired from Gaza. Mira miraculously survived the hit, but her home was in ruins. Mira was wounded in the face and suffered burns from a fire that broke out in the house after the impact of the missile.

This faithful woman says, “I think faith kept me alive during the Holocaust when I was a baby, and also now that I am old.”

Now, she’s evacuated to a rented apartment and is waiting for her house to be rebuilt. In the meantime, she knows she has not only her faith, but faithful Fellowship friends who bring her winter assistance: a winter blanket, emergency lighting, and a monthly food box.

And she says, “You were among the first to contact me by phone after the disaster that happened to me… As a woman of faith, I am moved to hear that there are many Christians who care for me and help the elderly in Israel. Thank you for remembering me and continuing to help me.”

Your gift today will save lives and provide emergency essentials to those in need during this crisis.