Why Christians Stand for Israel

Yael Eckstein  |  June 8, 2021

Yael Eckstein with Israel and US flags, showing Christians love for Israel
Yael Eckstein in southern Israel visiting the 414th Eagle Battalion and Passover Holiday Toast and distribution of gift vouchers to lone and needy soldiers, then 931st Battalion in Kissufim at a lookout opposite Gaza and finally the Eshkol Regional Council for distribution of equipment to emergency teams in the Gaza Envelope region, Yael Eckstein standing near embankment, flag of Israel and US waving against a blue sky with clouds, leopard shirt, black skirt

In the Holy Land, the Israeli people face much uncertainty. Uncertainty over whether more terrorist rockets will fall. Uncertainty over who will lead the Jewish state. But one thing is certain, Yael writes at The Jerusalem Post – Christian support for Israel:

We still do not know who the next government of Israel will be, and the truth is, it does not matter. What I have unquestionably learned, is that Christian love for Israel is unconditional.

For 36 years, my father Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein (OBM) spent his life representing millions of Christians, who had the solitary goal of praying for and supporting Israel. His vision, passion, and lifework was to foster strategic friends for Israel, whose support would be unwavering. And indeed, that support has never changed with the changing governments.

Two years ago, when my father suddenly died, many people wondered if The Fellowship would fall apart or weaken, without my father to lead. Humbly, I knew that it wouldn’t. And that is because the Christian support for Israel that The Fellowship has developed, is unconditional. It’s bigger than my father, it’s bigger than me, and it’s bigger than any prime minister who temporarily takes on that enormous, holy calling and mission on behalf of the state of Israel.

Over the past two years, The Fellowship has miraculously seen our donor base double, prayer support for Israel skyrocket, and a younger generation of Christians getting involved.

Is it because the government of Israel did anything different?

No, and in a in a way, it is exactly the opposite. In a time of division, when we see Israel increasingly becoming a partisan issue, The Fellowship has religiously continued our historic policy, against the trends and changing winds, to keep politics out of the Israel discussion. Instead, we choose to focus on the spiritual, uniting, inspiring side of the Holy Land…

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