Standing Together and Spreading Light

Yael Eckstein  |  July 10, 2024

Danny Gerkovich is the head of the volunteer fire department in the region of Kibbutz Kissufim, where he lives. On Oct 7, his daughter and her husband were burned to death in their own home on Kibbutz Kissufim while he was trapped by terrorists in his home in another part of the kibbutz. The photo was taken in front of his later daughter’s burned out home.
(Photo: Guy Yechiely)

Writing at Higher Ground, Yael explains that the war with Hamas has taken an unimaginable toll on the Israeli people. Yet, even in the middle of their own crises, there are the brave Israelis who are serving their hurting community—standing together and spreading light:

On a daily basis, individuals across our small nation have put aside their own needs for the good of the community. They have come together to stand with and protect the people and places of Israel, to save lives. You won’t find their stories in mainstream media, on the front pages or in the evening news headlines. Yet, we here at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews feel it is so important to let the world know that heroic acts are happening every single day in Israel – that God’s people are caring for one another. Unlike our enemies, who hide their weapons in schools and hospitals and who use their citizens as human shields, the people of Israel cherish and sanctify life.

In order to understand the people of Israel, you need to hear their stories – like the story of Danny Gerkovich, a proud Israeli, a firefighter, a survivor, a hero. And above all, a father.

On October 7, Danny was home with his wife on Kibbutz Kissufim near Israel’s border with Gaza. His daughter Daphna and her husband Ivan lived less than 100 feet from Danny. That morning, Danny’s cell phone began ringing as the unthinkable was happening. Hamas terrorists were invading their kibbutz, their homes, their lives.

“Daphna was together with Ivan in their saferoom,” Danny remembers. As the couple sheltered against the terrorists, Danny and his wife were barricaded inside their own home’s shelter.

Over their cellphones, Danny heard his daughter crying out, “The terrorists are trying to get into the house. They are breaking down the doors and coming in.” …

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