A Fellowship Like Our World Has Never Seen

Yael Eckstein  |  January 5, 2023

Happy New Year from the Holy Land!

As 2023 dawns, I’m excited to look back on everything we accomplished together in 2022, and I anticipate all of the holy work we will do together in the days, weeks, and year ahead.

But I’m also energized by the milestone our ministry is reaching this year—the 40th anniversary of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Yes, it’s been 40 years since my abba (father) Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein had a vision like our world had never seen before. My abba was called to unite Christians and Jews, to bring together these two peoples of shared faith in fulfilling biblical prophecy.

Forty years ago, my abba followed God’s calling. And now, as this new day dawns, you carry on this holy calling to do The Fellowship’s holy work—to feed and clothe the neediest of God’s people, to provide security for them, to fulfill biblical prophecy by bringing them home to Israel, and to fellowship together, as people of faith. As a fellowship.

Celebrating 40 years of fellowship, like our world has never seen.

With blessings from the Holy Land,

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