40 Years of Fellowship

We remember, we pray…

As a friend of God’s people, you have surely heard these words today. And as a friend of His children, we know that you do more than simply remember them—that you remember them in your prayers.

So, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as we remember the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, we ask you to pray with us. To honor the memory of those who lost their lives. To stand with the survivors who can never forget the atrocities they faced.  We remember, we pray for, and we provide assistance to these survivors—like Frederika, a number still branded onto her arm—who live each day reminded of the unspeakable hardships they faced, and still face.

Frederika - Holocaust Survivor

Frederika, like so many others still need your prayers. For 40 years, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has been the leading ministry blessing Israel and the Jewish people with humanitarian care and lifesaving aid. Together, we have been able to provide food and warmth, safety and security, and a way home to Israel for Jews suffering from poverty and persecution. Fulfilling God’s Word—like our world has never seen.

Because of you— we will be able to carry on the holy work we do together into a new era of fellowship.

Impact Like Our World Has Ever Seen


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40 Years of Blessings

Through the generosity, passion, and loyalty of our donors, partners, and staff we have been able to bring lasting change and save countless lives...these are their stories.

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