Please Pray For Israel

Unimaginable atrocities are being committed against the Jewish people in Israel. More than a thousand Israelis murdered, hundreds taken hostage, thousands more injured, and entire communities decimated in this current war. Israel needs your prayers. We ask that you please show your love and support for Israel by submitting a prayer below.

Share your prayers with us, so others can pray with you, and so that we can take your prayers to the Israeli people to show them that their Christians friends stand with them, always. 



Please lift me up to find the employment God has for me. I have been unemployed since January 2024. My family and I are struggling to make ends meet. Pray also for my sister Kathy who is handicapped to get into the ARC program in our community. For my son Chad to quit drinking and doing drugs.


Phenix City, AL

Praise the Lord who has appointed all things and created all things. Lift up the Israeli government in wisdom, strategy and victory. Teach the War Cabinet that You are the only ally the need: Jehovah Gibor. Go before the IDF and win the battle, for the battle is the Lords.



Pray my husband Mark will come into the church


Waxahachie Texas

Please 🙏🏾 Pray for my father Rodney Mcclenon. Has diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago stage 4 Lung cancer….and he is not doing well. So if find in you heats to pray for him our family would be very grateful.

Thank You
And Bless you all. Amen 🙏🏾


East Lansing MI

Please 🙏 heal our bodies and minds. I have been confused in the past, and now my medical care is deficient. My daughters have experiences health issues too and I pray for health of our infections. Fungal, bacterial and joints. I pray you will enlighten us as how to be peacemakers too Amen


Boca Raton

Very Urgent Prayer Request: Please join with me to pray for Pastor Willie P of Tampa, Florida. He is suffering from stage 4 cancer. The doctors have given him 48 hours to live. Thank you very much! God bless you! Your Brother in Christ, Bishop Samuel A. P.

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