Share a Meal with Grigory

The Fellowship  |  September 25, 2019

provide food for an elderly jewish person in need

Especially with Rosh Hashanah approaching, Fellowship friends like you make this outreach of love possible for an elderly Jewish person like Grigory to receive food and much-needed personal care.

When we hear stories like Grigory’s, we are so thankful that there are holy Christians like you who bless the “least of these.” Because without you, many poor elderly would not survive another month.

Grigory’s life started with a lot of promise — he was active, smart, and excelled at school — exactly as you would hope any child would be.

But everything changed in a split second when he was brutally attacked and beaten, suffering a severe head injury that never fully healed.

Grigory was only 10 years old. He’s needed constant care ever since, which his parents faithfully gave until their dying days.

Now, Grigory is all alone and can only count on you to bless him with the ongoing necessities he needs to survive.

Food, Home Care, and Compassion

The Fellowship provides Grigory with a compassionate homecare worker named  “Aunt Valya” (as Grigory lovingly calls her), who visits him every day to help him wash and dress. She also brings nourishing Fellowship food packages and prepares his meals. She’s a godsend, treating him as if he were her own son and sharing God’s compassion on your behalf.

Thank God we were able to step in and help him last month because of the generosity of a faithful friend like you. But what will he do this month — especially as the High Holy Days are about to begin?

Your gift of food today can save a life tomorrow. Can you spare $25 to help provide one widow or elderly Jewish person with a nourishing food package? A gift of $50 helps provide two people and a gift of $100 helps provide four with enough food for this sacred season.

Grigory doesn’t ask for much. Despite the peeling paint on the walls of his barren room, he is very satisfied with everything he has — which is little more than the basic necessities that have been donated to him.

All he asks is to eat enough each day.

That’s why we are turning to you to help feed an elderly Jewish person just like Grigory for a gift of just $25.

You can fulfill the biblical call of Isaiah to “share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter” (58:7) through your best gift today to help someone like Grigory not only survive, but be able to observe the High Holy Days with dignity.