Desperate Mother Calls Passover Food Box “a miracle”

 |  March 20, 2019

A woman in a white sweater holding a young boy wearing a kippah.

“I had a one-year-old with disabilities and three other children to support when my husband lost his job and suddenly we had no income,” 31-year-old Orly says with tears in her eyes. “And nothing has gotten better to this day.”

Immigrants from Yemen, Orly and her husband had good jobs and were raising their three children on their modest living. But when their fourth child was born deaf and with disabilities, and their life began to fall apart. Orly had to quit her job to care for her son, and two months later her husband lost his job as well.

Today they can barely afford food, and every month they fear the electricity will be shut off. “We live on miracles,” Orly says, “and this Passover we will have food because of The Fellowship, which is another miracle.”

Like thousands of other families, elderly, and children in need throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, Orly’s family will receive a Passover food box. These packages contain lifesaving staple foods as well as the special items, such as matzah, needed to celebrate the Passover Seder meal.

Please help impoverished families like Orly’s, as well as needy elderly and children throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, celebrate this Passover with dignity. May God bless you for your generosity.

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