‘There’s Almost Nothing Left…’

The Fellowship  |  March 13, 2023

Tatiana, elderly Jewish woman in Ukraine who receives emergency supplies from The Fellowship
(Photo: Sergey Mamay)

“Mykolaiv is my hometown,” says Tatiana, an elderly Jewish woman in southern Ukraine. “It was a beautiful city…before the war…”

Tatiana looks toward the boarded-up window of the small two-room home she shares w her debilitated husband—toward the city where they’ve lived their whole lives, a city that’s been torn apart by the ongoing Ukraine war.

“Now there’s almost nothing left of it,” Tatiana says. “Phosphorous bombs and rockets are being fired at the city. The residents who could have left. My husband and I could not leave, so we survive as best we can.”

Survival has not been easy. “The city is being shelled all the time. All the windows in the house were blown out by the blasts,” she tells a Fellowship volunteer, pointing to holes in the walls made by shrapnel.

Food is hard to come by in the warzone, especially for elderly people like Tatiana and her husband. “There are huge lines for drinking water and for groceries, too,” she says. “We try to ration potatoes, flour, vegetable oil, and sugar. I wish I had enough food.”

Living among damage left by bombs. Rationing basic food staples. Having nothing to eat. Can you imagine what Tatiana and so many other elderly Jews are experiencing, as Russian bombs continue to fall, as war continues to rage around them?

Tatiana and her husband have found some hope, though, because of Fellowship friends around the world. Food boxes are being delivered to them, to which she says “The food box I receive from The Fellowship literally saves my life and keeps me from starvation.”

A box of food, something we all would take for granted, has literally kept this precious child of God from starving. A gift of love, from Christian and Jewish friends she has never met, has once again given this hopeless woman hope.

Your gift will provide lifesaving emergency supplies to elderly Jews like Tatiana who have nothing left and nobody who cares except for faithful friends like you.