‘The Fellowship Is My Lifeline’

The Fellowship  |  May 15, 2024

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(Photo: JDC/Gerasimenko Konstantin)

Liza has always been inspired by her parent’s love story, born from the ashes of war.

Both of her parents were on the run from the Nazis and found refuge in the same town. Through their courage and resilience, they both survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Both were married at the start of World War II but lost their first spouses to the Nazis.

Liza’s mother escaped a ghetto and was saved by a Christian neighbor who risked his own life to save hers.

Though Liza’s mother survived, her three children — Liza’s half-siblings — did not. The running and hiding were too much for their little bodies to bear.

As a child, Liza’s mother would take her to the countryside each year to visit the children’s graves.

Liza inherited this mentality of survival and strength and a strong bond to her Jewish community.

Today, she relies on the Jewish community and The Fellowship to see her through the difficulty of old age and illness.  Years back, she suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving her bedbound. “I can’t stand, and I can barely sit.” Liza said. “At least, I still have my memories.”

“I would have died many years ago if not for The Fellowship,” Liza said. “I would be dead of hunger or cold or pain, due to a lack of medicine. The Fellowship is my lifeline. They help me with everything.”

You help people like Liza receive lifesaving basic needs, not only in Ukraine, but around the world.

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