Saving Sara

The Fellowship  |  July 6, 2022

Sara, a young Israeli woman who The Fellowship helps save
(Photo: Courtesy)

Meet Sara. Despite her smile, this precious young woman has been through so much during her 22 years of life.

At just eight, Sara was brought to the Fellowship-supported Orr Shalom children’s home in Ashkelon. Her mother had passed away when Sara was a baby, and her father had been unable to care for the girl during her important formative years.

When Sara came to Orr Shalom, she didn’t know how to take a bath, interact with other children, or even use a fork. She had never developed relationship with others, and had an enormous educational gap to make up, as well.

But after 10 years of love and care in her Orr Shalom home, Sara left with her diploma, a lifetime of positive experiences, and a loving bond with her house parents.

And now, Sara is about to take her final test to become a certified accountant. The love that Fellowship friends showed this little girl who had never known love has helped her become a thriving young woman. As Sara tells us, “I felt lonely, like I used to a very long time ago when I was a little girl. Thanks to The Fellowship, I stayed afloat.”

As The Fellowship prepares to take your prayers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem so that you will be blessed, join us in blessing God’s children in the Holy Land, like Sara.

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