Rescuing Roi

The Fellowship  |  July 11, 2022

A young Israeli orphan, Roi, helped by The Fellowship
(Photo: Courtesy)

This is Roi. He might seem like a happy, confident young man, but that wasn’t always the case. He is only ready to thrive as a young Israeli because of Fellowship friends who have never forgotten him.

Born with serious health issues that continue to this day, Roi faced another obstacle when both his parents died at a young age, leaving the little boy an orphan.

That is where Fellowship-supported Orr Shalom Children’s Home stepped in. When Roi arrived, he was not only suffering physically, but was behind developmentally, as well. But Orr Shalom proved to be the family that the boy needed, raising him with love and care. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Roi’s weakened immune system meant he was at-risk. But Orr Shalom provided a home where he could continue his studies in safety, and now this young man is about to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering!

Roi truly found a family in Fellowship friends around the world that not only helped him survive, but have helped him thrive.

As The Fellowship prepares to take your prayers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem so that you will be blessed, join us in blessing God’s children in the Holy Land, like Roi.