Ready to Help

The Fellowship  |  October 18, 2021

Veronica and her grandmother receive help from The Fellowship

Veronica is only in the third grade, but she has already seen what the help of others can do. Her grandmother, Lyudmila, spent her life as a nurse, helping others in their native Ukraine. And because her daughter — Veronica’s mother — is unable to care for her two children, Lyudmila has raised her granddaughters as if they were her own.

Retired from nursing, Lyudmila found it difficult to afford the care that Veronica and her sister Sofia needed. So Lyudmila went back to work as a nurse in a hospital serving the region’s COVID patients. Even with this income, Veronica’s beloved grandmother found it hard to help her grandchildren.

And that is where The Fellowship stepped in — giving this helper and her family the help they need. The gifts of Fellowship friends make sure Veronica has food to eat, clothing to wear, and is able to attend the local Jewish school, where she learns that God loves her.

With The Fellowship, you can help a needy Jewish child like Veronica.