Passover Hope for a Holy Land Painter

The Fellowship  |  March 23, 2021

Elderly painter in Israel, Michael

All 94-year-old Michael has left is his art. The elderly painter lives alone in a small apartment in Israel. His wife of many decades died, as did his aging son.

Michael spends his days painting, trying not to think of his health problems, of his financial hardships, of his loneliness. The beauty of each work provides light to an otherwise dreary world.

And faithful Fellowship friends also provide a light for Michael’s life. This precious Jewish widower receives a monthly food card, with which he can buy groceries. When his refrigerator broke, The Fellowship replaced it. And your love even provides much-needed dental care to keep Michael smiling.

When Yael visited Michael recently with a Passover food box, the painter put both his artwork and his gratitude on display, cheerfully thanking his Fellowship family around the world.

This Passover, you can provide help and hope to one of the Holy Land’s neediest – elderly Jewish people like Michael – who would otherwise spend this holy season hungry and hopeless