Light and Warmth This Winter

The Fellowship  |  February 6, 2023

Elena, Jewish woman who receives light, warmth, and love from The Fellowship
(Photo: Chamah)

Born to a Jewish family in the Soviet Union, Elena has suffered from diabetes for most of her 63 years. The disease—which in her case is hereditary—has left this poor woman blind, nearly unable to walk, and suffering from failure of her kidneys, lungs, and heart.

In her earlier years, Elena strived to fight through her disability, working hard to earn a degree. But because of the Soviet regime’s anti-Semitic stances—“a directive from higher authority to reject all Jewish applicants,” kept her from advancement—Elena was unable to earn a living.

And now, blind and in failing health, this precious Jewish woman is unable to care for herself at all—except for help from The Fellowship.

A Fellowship-provided homecare worker visits Elena regularly, helping her with tasks she can no longer perform and providing her with much-needed company. The Fellowship also provides Elena with food, medications, and heat during the brutal Eastern European winters.

A new source of warmth, which many of us might take for granted, caused Elena’s sightless eyes to light up recently. “A modern heater!” she exclaimed. “A very useful thing in our climate. I’m going to use it when it gets frosty.”

Yes, because of Fellowship friends around the world, this Jewish woman in the former Soviet Union will have food and warmth this winter. You “are helping not only in word,” says Elena, “but also in deed. Now I’m not afraid to confront the cold winter.”

Your blessing will provide warmth and care for needy Jewish people like Elena.