In from the Cold

The Fellowship  |  October 26, 2022

Larisa, elderly Jewish woman outside in the cold

Her tiny house is built of cinderblocks and contains just a few things: pots, pans, utensils, a small table for two, a bed. There are no modern devices like those found in today’s homes in the United States — no central heat, no dishwasher, no washing machine, no computer. The walls have no insulation, so old rugs hang from the walls in an attempt to block the cold.

This is life for 75-year-old Larisa, a Jewish woman living near the border of Moldova and war-torn Ukraine. This little house has been Larisa’s world all her life — rural village, and the people who inhabit it, are all she knows.

Larisa has always been practical and handy. She had to be since resources here are scarce. She learned sews her own clothing, curtains, and linens. Outside, a makeshift shed contains a pile of dried ears of corn that Larisa uses to make cornmeal, an important staple since food is scarce.

Despite her strength and faith — strength and faith which have carried her this far — life is hard, and only getting harder as the winter comes. That is why Larisa is grateful to have support from The Fellowship, which helps provide her with food, medicine, and resources to maintain heat in her home during the bitter winter months.

“Being old, I cannot do without medication and coal,” Larisa explains. “The support I receive from The Fellowship helps me. It saves me — yes, it saves me.”

As a cold, hard winter looms, your gift today will be life-changing and lifesaving for the neediest of God’s people.

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