Love and Care from You

The Fellowship  |  January 25, 2022

Yuri, an elderly Holocaust survivor
(Photo: FJC)

For historians of the Holocaust, Vinitsa in Ukraine is a horrifying name. Near the town, Adolf Hitler constructed his eastern retreat, complete with 20 buildings, gardens, a swimming pool, and a wire fence.

On the other side of the fence, life was not so luxurious, especially for the Jews of Vinitsa. Around 30,000 were murdered — either killed on the spot, or held in the Vinitsa Ghetto before being deported to Nazi death camps.

One of the few survivors of Vinitsa is Yuri. A boy when the Holocaust happened and his entire family was wiped out, Yuri survived the Vinitsa Ghetto, experiencing horrific conditions that none of us could imagine.

And, until The Fellowship recently found him, Yuri had spent the past nearly eight decades still living in horrific conditions. When we found Yuri, this sweet elderly man was filthy and emaciated, living in squalid conditions.

But with the help of Fellowship friends around the world, Yuri now lives in a nursing home where he has found not only healthy food and the warm touch of others, he has found hope once again, telling staff of his favorite theater and books.

After having spent so many years without experiencing love or care, this precious Holocaust survivor now knows how much God loves him, because of friends like you.

This winter, you can provide lifesaving love and care for an elderly and lonely Holocaust survivor like Yuri.

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