Happiness and Hope for the Holidays

The Fellowship  |  December 12, 2022

Bella, Holocaust survivor celebrating Hanukkah holiday
(Photo: Guy Yechiely)

When The Fellowship recently stopped by Bella’s humble apartment with holiday aid, the 84-year-old Holocaust survivor beamed as if her life had been changed. Sadly, just receiving winter help has changed Bella’s life.

“I was under such stress, thinking about how I would be able to afford to keep warm in the winter,” Bella said, “and then you came like angels sent by God, with this brand new warm blanket.”

Bella has had very little given to her during her life.

“I remember the feeling of being cold from my childhood,” she told us, remembering World War II. “Temperatures there got to minus-40 degrees. I felt the cold in my bones as my mother hugged me, trying to keep our bodies warm. During those days, there was nothing but cold, hunger, and a lack of hope.”

After the war, the Soviet Union was little better for Bella, who could not find a job that would hire a Jewish woman. And even today, as an elderly widow, she has little to be hopeful about…

…except for the help of Fellowship friends like you.

“Hanukkah is my favorite holiday,” Bella says, grateful for the menorah and candles The Fellowship has given her. “My heart is filled with happiness and hope during this holiday of light.”

Your gift today will help provide light, hope, and lifesaving help to impoverished Jewish people and Holocaust survivors like Bella.

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